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Inclusionary Zoning

Increases Housing Costs, Hurts Families, Decreases Jobs, Lowers Housing Supply

Inclusionary zoning drives up prices, limits housing options, and hurts middle-class families and low-income residents in Sacramento.

It’s supposed to provide low income housing—but it just doesn’t work. By taxing new housing, inclusionary zoning stops new communities from being built or makes them too expensive.  The result? Less affordable housing for all.

We need your help to stop this failed policy from hurting our Sacramento community!

Join us in fighting against inclusionary zoning

Fewer Houses

Inclusionary zoning discourages all new housing.

Increases Housing Costs & Rents

Thousands of families priced out of housing in Sacramento.

New Taxes on Middle-Class Families

Inclusionary policies prevent families from reaching the middle class by adding skyrocketing costs to new housing.

Fewer Jobs

Decreases housing production and local jobs.

Join Us Today!

  1. Call or email your city council members and the mayor and tell them you oppose inclusionary zoning.
  2. Sign our petition to re-evaluate inclusionary zoning policies.
  3. Spread the word about the harms of inclusionary zoning and the need for better solutions.

Why Fight Inclusionary Zoning?

Fewer Projects, Higher Prices

Inclusionary Zoning taxes new homes and makes them unaffordable. The exorbitant tax means that many new projects won’t get built, and middle class homebuyers pay the price to subsidizing housing for low income residents.

Even the City of Sacramento’s own independent analysis says Inclusionary Zoning would be so costly that it would likely stop construction of all apartments and most housing throughout the city.

A Tax on Middle-Income Housing and Families

Inclusionary Zoning policies make new housing projects the primary or sole funders of affordable housing, increasing the cost to build homes and apartments by hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Local homeowners and renters ultimately pay those costs — a 6% increase in home prices and an 8% rise in rental rates, and pricing out thousands of families in the City of Sacramento alone.

Source: Kaiser Marston Report for City of Sacramento, February 17, 2023

Inclusionary Zoning: A Failed Policy We Can’t Trust

Sacramento tried inclusionary zoning 20 years ago, and it failed to produce the affordable housing we needed and made the housing crisis even worse. It meant fewer affordable and attainable housing options for everyone. Without Inclusionary Zoning, the city has created a successful fee program that has resulted in 30% more affordable housing. And, the city still today has millions of dollars it has collected that it can spend on new affordable units.

Makes Housing Crisis Worse

The high costs of Inclusionary Zoning make many housing projects economically unviable, pushing builders to neighboring cities with more workable policies. Cities like Portland that adopt Inclusionary Zoning have seen a decline in housing production. For every unit of affordable housing generated, two potential homebuyers are priced out of the market. In Sacramento, an estimated 6,000 families would be deprived of housing due to these policies.

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